MODELScreen diagonalNumber of pixels, horizontalNumber of pixels, verticalType of displayFrame colourNumber of Ethernet portsNumber of RS-232 portsNumber of RS-422 portsNumber of RS-485 portsNumber of USB portsNumber of colours of the displayNumber of grey-scales/blue-scales of displayDegree of protection (IP), front sideWidth of the frontHeight of the frontWidth of panel cutoutHeight of panel cutoutBuilt-in depthWeight
NB10W-TW01B10.1 inch800480TFTBlack121126553664IP65268.8 mm210.8 mm258 mm200 mm54 mm1950 g
NB3Q-TW00B3.5 inch320240TFTBlack011126553664IP65129.8 mm103.8 mm119 mm93 mm52.8 mm480 g
NB3Q-TW01B3.5 inch320240TFTBlack111126553664IP65129.8 mm103.8 mm119 mm93 mm52.8 mm490 g
NB5Q-TW00B5.6 inch320234TFTBlack021126553664IP65184.0 mm142 mm172.4 mm131 mm46 mm950 g
NB5Q-TW01B5.6 inch320234TFTBlack121126553664IP65184 mm142 mm172.4 mm131 mm46 mm950 g
NB7W-TW00B7 inch800480TFTBlack021126553664IP65202.0 mm148 mm191 mm137 mm46 mm1000 g
NB7W-TW01B7 inch800480TFTBlack121126553664IP65202.0 mm148 mm191 mm137 mm46 mm1000 g