MODELType of safety according to IEC 61496-1Type of protectionDetection capabilitySafety field heightBeam gapNumber of beamsNumber of protected semiconductor outputsNumber of semiconductor outputs with signalling functionMaximum safety rangeMinimum operating distanceTime of reactionCascadableWith muting functionWith beam codingType of switching output of the OSSDCommunication port(s)
F3SG-2RA0350-302Hand protection30 mm350 mm20 mm162120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0160-144Finger protection14 mm160 mm10 mm152110 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0240-144Finger protection14 mm240 mm10 mm232110 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0270-304Hand protection30 mm270 mm20 mm122120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0320-144Finger protection14 mm320 mm10 mm312110 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0400-144Finger protection14 mm400 mm10 mm392110 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0430-304Hand protection30 mm430 mm20 mm202120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0480-144Finger protection14 mm480 mm10 mm472110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0510-304Hand protection30 mm510 mm20 mm242120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0560-144Finger protection14 mm560 mm10 mm552110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0590-304Hand protection30 mm590 mm20 mm282120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0640-144Finger protection14 mm640 mm10 mm622110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0670-304Hand protection30 mm670 mm20 mm322120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0750-304Hand protection30 mm750 mm20 mm362120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0800-144Finger protection14 mm800 mm10 mm792110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0830-304Hand protection30 mm830 mm20 mm402120 m0.3 m8 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0910-304Hand protection30 mm910 mm20 mm442120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA0990-304Hand protection30 mm990 mm20 mm482120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1040-144Finger protection14 mm1040 mm10 mm1032110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1070-304Hand protection30 mm1070 mm20 mm522120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1200-144Finger protection14 mm1200 mm10 mm1192110 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1230-304Hand protection30 mm1230 mm20 mm602120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1310-304Hand protection30 mm1310 mm20 mm642120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1470-304Hand protection30 mm1470 mm20 mm722120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1550-304Hand protection30 mm1550 mm20 mm762120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1790-304Hand protection30 mm1790 mm20 mm882120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB
F3SG-4RA1950-304Hand protection30 mm1950 mm20 mm962120 m0.3 m13 msYesYesYesPNP/NPNUSB