MODELApplicationNumber of phasesMounting methodTerminalComplete with socketWith LED indicatorRated operational voltage, ACOperating voltage range, ACRated operational voltage, DCOperating voltage range, DCRated operation current Ie at AC-1HeightWidthDepthSupply voltage DCMust operate voltage max.Must release voltage min.Maximum operating temperatureMinimum operating temperatureIsolationSwitching at zero-crossing
G3H-203S-VD-4-24VDCInterface1With plug-in socketPlug-inNoNo100-240 V75-264 V3 A28 mm21.5 mm36.5 mm4-24 V3 V1 V80 °C-30 °CPhotocouplerYes
G3H-203SLN-VD-24VDCInterface1With plug-in socketPlug-inNoYes100-240 V75-264 V3 A19.2-28.8 V4 V1 V80 °C-30 °CPhototriacNo
G3HD-X03SN-VD-5-24VDCInterface1With plug-in socketPlug-inNoYes4-48 V3-52.8 V3 A5-24 V9.6 V1 V80 °C-30 °CPhotocoupler